Bank Account Validation

BAV is an acronym for Bank Account Validator. BAV offers an object oriented API written in PHP to validate German bank accounts. Normally BAV is used in online shops where it validates the bank account of a customer before submitting his order. Currently BAV supports only German bank accounts.


  • Bank accounts can be validated against the bank code.
  • Check if a bank code exists.
  • Check if a German BIC exists.
  • Informations (bank name, agencies, city, etc.) about banks are provided.
  • Independence of data source - You may choose one implementation (PDO, the text file of the Bundesbank) or you implement your own data source.
  • BAV is freely available under the GPL


  • A PHP Interpreter since the 5th generation
  • PHP must be compiled against cURL.
  • No DBS - Because BAV may use a text file as data source no DBS is necessary.